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          中國商務中心 China Business Center
          China Business Center was established and has been operated by the China Business Network and Sino-Overseas Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation. It is dedicated to provide high quality and comprehensive services for companies wishing to do business with China and Chinese enterprises that are intending to develop their international business more easily and credibly by having a highly visible branch office or overseas representative bureau in the international business and communication hub of London. CBC London serves also other local businesses that require office space.

          Strategic Location

          United Kingdom is regarded by the business community as one of the most liberal and welcoming destination for international businesses. London along accommodates the largest number of businesses both British and foreign owned or operated here. Hence, London has been regarded as one of the most exciting and convenient places to do business in the world.

          China Business Center is strategically located in the heart of London Docklands. The attractive location can provide infinite business opportunities for enterprises. It is also easy to travel for those who work in the Centre with 200 meters from the access to the vast London Underground as well as railway network across UK. The convenient location makes easier for many clients to come for business meetings. Indeed, for those clients from longer distance like Mainland Europe they can even stay in the many of the quality hotels around China Business Centre and throughout Isle of Dogs and other parts of London. Convenient transportation facilities can be provided including chauffeur service and private car park.

          Complete Value-Added Services

          ● High quality office suites enhance your corporate image to clients. The business center is fully equipped with reception service, worldwide telephone system with all facilities including voice mail and facsimile, photocopying as well as email & Internet facility.
          ● Luxury boardroom can be used for business meetings, small conference or formal gatherings.
          ● Full secretarial services are available including translation and word processing services according to your special requests.
          ● Our receptionist can even answer your call and keep your clients informed or make arrangement for their visits.

          Like the an old Chinese saying " a journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step" come to the China Business Centre is the most important step in your expansion in the international market. We are here to help you all the way to your ultimate success.

          For initial contact or further information please contact :
          China Business Network
          Tel: +44 207 53 63 888
          Fax: +44 207 98 73 888
          Add: 5-6 Ensign House, Admirals Way, London Docklands, E14 9XQ UK

          China Business Network and/or its subsidiaries and licensors, all rights reserved. Legal Advisor
          If you have any queries and suggestion, contact us
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